April 10, 2024

PrentissConnect Fiber Internet

An Affiliate of Prentiss County Electric Power Association

We hope you are interested in getting PrentissConnect at your home or business! If so, please provide us with you information by clicking on the Service Application and email the completed form to service@pcepa.com to get on our service application list.

  • Limitless entertainment with no slowdown times! With up to 1000 Mbps, our total fiber optic Internet will let you do whatever you want, whenever you want. Download in seconds and stream instantly. You can use multiple devices at the same time without seeing slowdowns when all your neighbors are connected at the same time.
  • Uploads as fast as downloads. Whatever you use high speed Internet for–surfing the internet, live video, uploading your photos, sharing huge files, or video chatting in HD–our superfast upload and download speeds give you all the capacity you’ll need and then some.
  • Powerful Wireless Internet. Our powerful latest technology Wi-Fi routers are designed to give you access to superfast Internet throughout your home or business.
  • Connect to the world at the speed of light!

The Most Reliable Internet Service Available!

  • Planned and Engineered Reliability. Our internet switches are located in 3 different concrete storm shelters. The Baldwyn switches are connected by Cspire fiber to Atlanta and the Booneville switches are connected by Cspire fiber to Chicago. PrentissConnect has run fiber between Baldwyn and Booneville. Automatic failover switches will keep our internet service operating for our customers if one of the Cspire routes fail. We placed storm shelters with internet equipment at our electric substations for the best electric service reliability. We purchased 6 hour battery backup systems and installed transfer connections for portable generators at each storm shelter so we can keep our internet system operating just in case of extended power outages. No other company has taken such extreme measures to keep their customers operating during adverse circumstances.

A Better Deal!

  • Straightforward pricing. That means no annual contracts, no installation fees or hidden fees as our contractor is building by your house. Choose the Superfast 200mbps for $52 per month including managed wifi or take the leap with our Ultrafast 1000mbps(Gig) Home Internet service plan for just $82 per month. You have been restricted for so long, be the first in your group to have a Gig connection to brag about!
  • Use as much Internet as you want. PrentissConnect is the Internet service provider who won’t put caps on how much data you can use. So all your family and friends can go ahead and stream, download, study, and watch videos together.
  • Cancel anytime. No long term contracts means no early termination fees. We hope you won’t terminate, but if you change your mind, you can switch plans or cancel anytime. No hidden fine print.
  • Online Payment or Interactive Voice Response Customers now have the convenience of paying their INTERNET BILL online via the Internet or by Interactive Voice Response.
    Pay Your Bill by Internet or call toll-free, (866) 252-5891, to pay by telephone. Convenience fees for Electric accounts are $2.95 for card payments and $1.95 for E-Check payments. Convenience fees for Fiber accounts are $1.50 for both card and E-Check payments.

If you use this method to pay on the last day before your disconnect date printed on your electric bill or if you pay on your actual disconnect day you must write down the confirmation number of your payment and call the PCEPA office at 662-728-4433 by 9 A.M. to avoid disconnection.

PCEPA does not receive notification of your electronic payment until up to 24 hours after you pay.

We live in and care about the communities we serve!

  • Fiber in your community. We want everyone in the communities we serve to reach their full potential. We are here working every day to help answer questions and help customers learn more about just what a life changer and community changer high speed Fiber Internet access brings. Our great grandmothers use to slave washing clothes all day in a lake or stream then came the first wringer clothes washers when electricity came out into the rural areas. Today we enjoy automatic washers with timers. In the future with high speed internet we will be able to communicate with all of our appliances and watch live security cameras while we are away from home.
  • Tried and Proved 24/7 customer service. From friendly, knowledgeable staff to exact-time service appointments, you’ll enjoy our 24/7 local customer service any time you need it. During regular work days you can just drop in and talk face to face with us.

Prentiss Connect Internet Information

  • We have designed our fiber system to connect every home and business in our service area. The Main Line Fiber crew will first run main fiber through the community. You have not been left out if the first fiber doesn’t come all the way to you. A second Service Drop crew will connect each customer that applies for service to the main fiber and mount a small box next to your electric meter. After we call and schedule your time for installation, a third Install crew will run a small fiber through the wall, floor, or ceiling to a central location for the router that we provide and then turn your service on.
  • All Prentiss Connect internet bills will be sent to you by your email address and will be due the same day as your electric bill. The first bill will be sent a day or so before you normally receive your monthly electric bill. The first internet bill will include the next month so it well be more than the following bills.
  • We will be glad to draft your bank account monthly, or you may pay in cash at our new kiosks at no extra cost. There is a reasonable convenience fee to pay by card or check at these same kiosks or online at PrentissConnect.com or by toll free phone to 877-895-6539. Because we are required to keep the internet money separate from the power bill money, we cannot accept a mail in payment, a drive by payment, or a night deposit payment for internet at the electric system offices.
  • Please remember that your first internet bill from Prentiss Connect will be larger to allow us to collect a month in advance. If you stop service in the future we will calculate and refund the portion of the advance payment due back. Your internet bill will be due on the same due date as your electric bill.
  • Our router has 2 different wifi signals (PrentissConnect 5G or 2.4) for you to use and 4 Ethernet ports for direct connections. We can provide digital landline telephone service at a reasonable additional cost. If you want to keep your present phone number bring us a copy of your present phone bill and give us 7 business days to get your present phone number transferred to our system.
  • Be sure to include your email on your application for service. We cannot run fiber to your home without an email address to send your monthly bill. Because of the great increase in customers needing to call PCEPA with internet questions we could not get customers scheduled for installs the next day. Since our contractor already had a calling service from Miami that worked for them on other jobs, we are using them to now call our customers to schedule the install time. If you have caller id you may see Miami, PrentissConnect or California. If you have applied for internet and a drop has been run to your home with a small gray box mounted next to your electric meter then please answer their calls to get connected.
  • The build out of our fiber system is going remarkable well. Our suppliers that also work with other systems are asking us questions about why our build out is moving faster than others they see.
  • Our Mississippi legislators set aside 50/50 grant money from the federal CARES covid virus funds to be used in building fiber to underserved internet areas by December 30th and June 30th to help school children, teachers, and others work or receive medical services at home. We applied and received $5 million and will match with our borrowed money to build to communities like Dry Creek, Oak Hill, Osburne Creek, Blackland, Pratts, Hopewell, Zions Rest, Hobo Station, Bay Springs, New Site, New Hope, Hills Chapel, Martin Hill, Altitude, Candlers Chapel, etc. that have never had access to true high speed internet. We are connecting our communities to the World.